May 27th, 2016

The Mill’s Executive Creative Director Rama Allen will once again be taking to the stage at the Cannes Lions Festival, this time to open the Discovery Stage with ‘Strata: A Biometric VR Experiment’. 

Rama will be talking through the The Mill’s latest innovative experiment Strata, the world’s first VR experiment using data visualization driven by biometrics.

Strata seeks to connect users to the invisible machinations within us all and inspire mindfulness by generating beautiful immersive worlds and music from the user’s biometric data.

Demonstrating with a subject live on stage, Rama will attempt to prove that users can then “tune” their biometrics to remix and explore their environments.

See Rama live on the Discovery Stage within the Cannes Palais at 10.30am on Wednesday, June 22nd, and read more here.