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February 8th, 2016
NFL debuted 'Super Bowl Babies Choir' for Super Bowl 50 this year in continuation of the its recent campaign ‘Football is Family’. The heartwarming and anthemic ad, created by Grey New York and directed by Lance Acord and Chris Wilcha of Park Pictures, is set to the iconic tones of Seal’s ‘Kiss From A Rose’ and features choirs of babies, children and adults born of Super Bowl winning cities 9 months after the championship game. 

We asked creatives at Grey New York to tell us how they brought together the 
NFL, Seal and some actual Super Bowl Babies to celebrate the 50th anniversary of one of the biggest sporting events in the world in our interview below:

How did you come up with the concept for the ad? 

All season long, the NFL has been running the 'Football is Family' campaign, showcasing how football brings people together. We wanted the ultimate expression of this idea to culminate at the Super Bowl, showing that Football actually makes Family with a nationwide choir of Super Bowl Babies.

How did you find and cast the range of Super Bowl babies featured in the spot?

The NFL was super helpful in reaching out to its fans and season ticket holders at all the clubs whose birthday correlated within the time frame of a Super Bowl win. These lifelong fans were excited to star in a Super Bowl commercial.

How did the decision to feature Seal come about? What was the process for creating new lyrics for ‘Kiss from a Rose’?

We looked at all the great romantic songs ever made. From saccharine ‘70s love ballads to modern day Top 40. Seal’s “Kiss From A Rose” hit the sweet spot. It’s got a memorable hook you immediately recognize and then builds to a great sing-along finale all in just 60 seconds. Writing lyrics was surprisingly difficult. The song structure is rather complex and figuring out the rhyme scheme and meter caused a lot of head-scratching until we could finally nail it down.

What message or feeling do you want audiences to come away with?

We constantly talked about tone while making this. Hopefully, we achieve that Pixar feeling where it has elements that both kids and adults will love and getting that crowd-pleaser, goose-bump feeling that also delivers a wink and a laugh.

How do you approach creating an ad or campaign for the Super Bowl differently from any other advertisement?

It’s a different beast. We’re not just talking to diehard football fans. There are a lot more casual and non-fans tuning in. So, it has to have a much broader appeal and not take itself too seriously.

Carolina Panthers or Denver Broncos?

Both Cam and Peyton make great baby names. But if we have to choose…Broncos.

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