October 13th, 2015
Berlin Fashion Film Festival brings together top creatives and visionary-leaders to present and award the best fashion, beauty and lifestyle film productions - focusing on celebrating talent and learning, BFFF connects filmmakers, producers, creative agencies, brands, labels and designers.

This year, the festival also embarked on it’s first structured tour, which sees international screenings, talks, and presentations take place in various cities around the world.

After having sponsored the festival over in Berlin, The Mill’s London studio was pleased to play host to the London screening.

We caught up with Co-Founder of the festival Niccolò Montanari, to find out how the festival has grown over the past three years and discover where the tour is heading next.

How do you feel the festival has evolved since starting in 2012? 
Starting from just one award show in 2012, it's exciting to see how BFFF has turned into a solid creative platform. The two-day festival now hosts screenings, talks, presentations and networking events, allowing people to learn from one another, connect and celebrate creative talent.

BFFF has also grown to reflect how fashion film as a genre has developed. The film content we are now receiving doesn't just stop at strong aesthetics; it's based on a strong concept, it's well executed and it's emotionally engaging.
Over the past four editions we've focused on showcasing the best of what fashion film has to offer. For our next edition we are expanding once more to include all those productions with a strong emphasis on style, not just focused on clothing and accessories but also beauty and lifestyle (hotels, cars, flights, travel etc).

Why do you feel it is important to take the festival on tour?
This is something we've been wanting to do for a while. Since the very beginning we've been asked to show our programme across several international locations, but this is the first year we are doing it in a structured manner.
We are working with selected local partners to recreate the BFFF atmosphere in different cities. On one hand, it's part of our focus to highlight and provide visibility to the BFFF winners. On the other, going on tour gives us the chance to be local and meet with creatives in each city and help build relationships.
Which cities are you headed to and why?
London was definitely an important destination for us, being one of our strongest markets. We've already covered Vienna, and then we’re off to Paris, Istanbul, Frankfurt, Milan, Mexico City and Medellin.
When it comes to choosing the city, we are fundamentally looking for locations with a strong media presence for fashion, advertising and film, where we think that BFFF-on-Tour could help people come together and give birth to new collaborations.
What are you most looking forward to from this year’s tour?
Learning. Every city is different and the people we are going to meet are going to teach me a great deal about their work.
I'm a huge fan of meeting face-to-face and this is always something that's been part of the BFFF concept - from online to offline. I'm very much looking forward to having more creatives join the BFFF family and seeing their work being represented at our 2016 edition.
Where do you see the festival heading in the future in terms of Hyperbeauty, VFX and more generally?
As The Mill’s Carl Addy mentioned at BFFF last year, brands from the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries are now engaging with film in order to reach their audience and stay relevant.
Hyperbeauty is a growing and important section of fashion film, although our aim at BFFF is to show the best of what this genre can offer. That is from independent, experimental work to more mainstream, high-end productions. What's interesting is seeing these extremes next to each other on the big screen and giving the creatives behind each the chance to connect and create new work.

Mill+ Creative Director, Carl Addy, spoke at this year's awards. To find out more about his talk on ‘Hyperbeauty’ and the use of VFX within high end fashion films, click here.

Congratulations to all the winners. View the full list of winners here.