July 10th, 2015
Fred Huergo, Motion Designer at The Mill, recently collaborated on an animated short for Good Things, a scheme that aims to redirect the powers of consumerism, marketing and corporate thinking for good. The fully animated film, created by Fred and his girlfriend Sarah, aims to get big brands (in this case Coca-Cola) to invest one year’s worth of their advertising budget into protection of the rainforest.

Re-igniting the discussion of corporate responsibility, the film points out that 83% of global consumers would change the brands they buy from if those brands indicated they were doing something to make the world a better place.

Despite the 2D look and feel, the film was completed in Cinema 4D, with Fred focusing his efforts on 3D animation and Sarah working on the illustration. Fred comments, “Our workflow is simple: illustrate in 2D, model and animate those in 3D using Cinema4D. Sarah works primarily in Photoshop and can re-do her illustrations at any specified size really quickly – really handy when I decide to get in very close to one of the illustrations and need higher-res textures. Depending on the elements, I would bring in the illustrations into After Effects and animate them, and once done import that sequence as an animated texture in Cinema4D.” Watch the behind the scenes here and follow more of Fred’s work on his blog.