March 9th, 2015
When Mill+ animation director Kwok Fung Lam isn’t collaborating with Ivo Sousa as part of the directing duo Kwok and Ivo (the pair responsible for projects such as the award winning Fableists ‘Epic Thread’ and World Humanitarian Day campaign), he’s creating animated gifs… usually involving hot dogs.

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Why Gifs?

I started creating gifs about a year ago. I have a few personal projects that have been simmering for years and not really come to the boil, so I thought it would be nice to make something that's quick to execute and publish, as well as getting an idea across.

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Top Tips

To speed things up I keep the initial sketches/design stage in Flash. The animation comes out straight from there too, with no comping or anything fancy.

I chose to work with hotdogs because they are simple to draw and animate and it’s easy to generate loads of puns out of them. Also, everyone loves hot dogs right!?

Each Gif needs to be visually engaging, mostly through the action, as it loops forever. Just like an illustration, having an idea behind it helps immensely, it makes the viewer think a bit more. I'm a big fan of cheap visual gags, they're always winners! A good gif makes you stare at it over and over and over again.

Keep up to date with Kwok’s latest work on his website and Tumblr

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