February 6th, 2015

Directors Manija Emran and Paul Mitchell of Mill+ led the team in creating an in-store video showcase for Nike SS15 Women's Tights Collection, weaving striking metaphoric elements throughout to represent the product's versatility and unique, bold prints. From pitch to editorial, Manija takes us through the process of creating the film.


The in-house agency had a bold visual palette they wanted us to play with, so we chose to respond in kind. With a team of two designers - Amy Graham, Helen Hsu and myself - we pulled together a pitch with several design directions that showed that we understood their palette and product design. By adding that feminine design touch, we were able to show a side of the product with captivating visuals.

The client loved the pitch and they were also really happy with how methodically it was put together. Victor Jory, the editor, pulled together a rough edit test whilst we were finessing frames. Initially, the client was after a dynamic and fast-paced piece, and eventually we slowed it down.

Nike Women SS15 Pitch Images 


We continued to iron out the selected idea by diving into a longer and more detailed design study in understanding the brand and products. Although the brief kept evolving creatively throughout the whole process, we always tried to keep the core elements: arresting crops, vivid colors, and “effects” that remained front and center.

Nike Key Poses Run 2

Initially we also wanted typography to be a key feature, integrated into the elements using keywords that describe the products. With the development of the project, it wasn’t meant to be in the end. Plus, the international core of this spot would require multi-language capabilities, which could have been a problem, though a lot of fun creating practically!

Nike Key Poses Train 3


Paul (Paul Mitchell, Mill+ Creative Director) came on board for the live action shoot when we started production. It was great to couple up with him to co-direct; it was a really exciting process. Eugene Gauran (Mill Art Director) helped Paul on set as well. We continued to double tackle from there on in.

Nike Elementsshoot3 2 4


The idea was to bring the products to life by emphasizing the patterns and accentuating their key features. Alongside the talent shoot, we also wanted to shoot a lot of different elements, reflecting the designs and features of the products.

Nike Elementsshoot5 5

For example: shooting feathers and lasers for lightness and precision; colored powder exploding for impact; ink in a water tank to mirror and extend the patterns of the tights and hint at flexibility. And in close collaboration with the client, we narrowed these elements down to a few key selections.

Nike Elementsshoot8 6

Nike Elementsshoot1 7


For the second shoot, we tackled everything with high speed, capturing the actors working out with fantastic choreography. Aside from the choreography, we added elements: ink, water, lasers and other pieces that would sit in tandem. The key with each move was to make the people become graphic shapes. The choreography had to relay the story of the element as much as the element relays the story of the product.


Once the shoot happened it became an editorial task. From the pitch we saw that it was a strong editorial piece, so it was great when Victor Jory furthered his great pitch involvement and came onboard fully, as his understanding of the integration of design and live action is outstanding. He transformed a piece of editorial software into a design piece of software!

Nikewomensproductvideo1 8

The idea was that each pair of tights had its complimentary element, lasers, light, ink, paint and electronic feedback. This would heighten the editorial pacing, accentuate the products key features and sync with the bold look of the tights. Victor did wonderfully.

Nikewomensproductvideo 9