December 3rd, 2014

The original PlayStation console launched in Japan on December 3rd, 1994, ushering in the 5th generation of video game consoles and the transition from cartridge to CD-Rom and 2D to 3D graphics. In celebration of 20 years of iconic ads, we’ve compiled a collection of the bold, the creative and the memorable films we’ve helped create.

Leading the #20YearsofPlay festivities, the brand is releasing a limited worldwide release of 12,300 "20th Anniversary Edition" PlayStation 4 consoles in the "original grey" color and styling of the very first system.

Whether it’s an impressive film supporting a game release or a tribute to gamers, Sony PlayStation is known for its epic advertisements. We've collected a selection of these iconic ads that were brought to life by Mill artists over the years:

2014: Gamer Masterpiece

The gamers are the stars in this gorgeously painted spot for PlayStation from BBH NY. Mill+ helped bring a painting by artist Andreas Englund to life for the spot, casting gamers in the same light as historic heroes. See PlayStation's behind the scenes film for more info.

2013: Perfect Day

'Perfect Day' is the 2nd ad from BBH NY supporting the launch of PS4. The spot from director Matthijs Van Heijningen depicts a gamer's ideal action-packed day filled with explosions, sword fighting, car racing and aliens.

2013: Greatness Awaits

BBH NY helped PlayStation launch the PS4 console with 'Greatness Awaits' by director Rupert Sanders. Find out more about the making of this film in our interview with VFX Supervisor and Senior Compositor Iwan Zwarts.

2011: Killzone 3

The Mill+ team created this launch commercial for Killzone 3 from initial concepts through to finished film. Since it was the first time ever that you could do hand combat in the game, the Mill+ team focused on the feature by showing hand combat in slow motion, giving it a real cinematic feel whilst still maximizing the full effect of the new feature. 

2007: Meet the Entertainers

Animations come to life in the PlayStation 3 'Meet the Entertainers' from director Noam Murro and TBWA. The spot is made to showcase the wealth of entertainment and techno wizardry offered by PS3.

2005: A Day in the Life

'A Day in the Life' from TBWA and director Alex Rutterford launched the hand-held PSP console features a red mechanical metal 3D icon representing gaming, music, film and photography.

2003: Mountain

Working with Gorgeous and TWBA on the iconic 'Mountain' commercial for PlayStation 2, Mill artists used Massive software to create thousands of extra digital characters, climbing and running, each with a brain to determine their actions. For the biggest shot, we created 146,000 digital people with unique vision, sound and touch-based artificial intelligence to make them behave realistically.

1999: Mental Wealth

TBWA and director Chris Cunningham created the PS2 ad. The Mill was charged with making the film's star Fi-Fi look weird but believable, making viewers question her realness. 

1998: Double Life


TBWA and director Frank Budgen created the ad featuring 19 PlayStation1 gamers discussing their PS1 gaming experience, capturing the essence of what gaming is all about: the fantasies, the epic adventures and the extraordinary experiences that transcend the real world.