September 25th, 2014

On September 24, 2014, The Mill in Los Angeles opened its doors and hosted The Mill World's Fair to celebrate the arrival of the Fireflies West from their 550 mile ride from San Francisco in aid of City of Hope.

Inspired by the 1893 Chicago World's Fair, the LA studio was transformed into an exhibition of innovation of past and present, showcasing the infamous War of Currents: Thomas Edison versus Nikola Tesla.

Ffw Spaceperformer 1

Ground Floor: Edison

The ground floor was dedicated to the Edison bulb, with strings of antique filament bulbs covering the ceiling, lighting the Cocktail Lounge and setting the scene for the Rooms of Wonderment.

Ffw Eventspace 2

The High-Striker Room hosted an auction to raise money for the City of Hope, with Linus bikes and Sonos speakers up for grabs for donations towards the leading Southern California cancer research hospital.

Ffw Cityofhope 3

The Phantom Room returned - with a dark twist. Hosted by our own "Dr. H.H. Holmes," the infamous serial killer of the 1893 fair, participants were led into the high-speed slow-motion camera room which captured their terrified reactions - all of which can be seen on video on our Mill World's Fair Tumblr.

The Tattoo Machine room was hosted by Richie the Barber, the brilliant and charming tattooed clown who performed his cuts and shaves as guests filled the room, applying their custom knuckle tattoos.

Mwf Barber2 4

The fabulous Ms. Electra took center stage, conducting electricity in her famous Tesla coil lightning stunt behind her Faraday Cage throughout the night.

Mwf Electriclady 5

The Mysterious Electric Smoke Room was filled with vapor, music and lasers while A Corner of Camera Obscura captured guests playing dress-up.

Electricsmokeroom 6

And "Dr. Oculus' Experimental Contraption of the Cerebral Exploratorium" took guests on an incredible visual and physical journey from Suite 5 into the solar system as the world around them fell to pieces.

Oculus Bayol05 7

All while surrounded by belly dancers, fire breathers, stilt walkers and a Strong Man…and not to forget Lady Zoltar, who distributed unexpected and mildly (!) offensive custom fortunes for donations to the City of Hope. Meanwhile at the bar, guests quenched their thirsts with original cocktails sponsored by Juice Served Here, aptly named "The Hey Girl" and "Hasta Mañana."

Ffw Firelady 8

Mwf Performers2 9

1st Floor: Tesla

Upstairs saw DJ Ivy & the Magical Musical Contraption entertain the dancing crowd, the Tesla Cocktail Garden hydrate the revellers and the Grand Projection Room showcase the work of Mill+ artists.

Thank you to everyone who came and joined in the revelry. We had a blast, and we hope you did too. For all photos and videos including brilliant coverage from Eric A. Reid, visit our Mill World's Fair Tumblr page to take a look at the #MillWorldFair photos and videos shared from the party below. Until next time!