March 11th, 2019
AR filters, which gained popularity on Snapchat, are still relatively new to Instagram, but the Dior activation points to how the size of the platform is likely to be attractive to big brands looking to drive engagement through interactive and immersive tech. Dior is among the brands that have boosted their presence on Facebook-owned Instagram, whose focus on sharing images and videos has made the platform a key part of discovering the latest fashions.

More than 56% of Instagram users said they get their fashion inspiration from the app, a bigger audience percentage than for media channels such as Pinterest (53%), TV (48%), Facebook (46%), fashion magazines (36%) and Snapchat (26%), per a survey commissioned by Facebook IQ in 2017. Dior's AR filter deepened the engagement between the brand and smartphone users who either looked at Dior’s Instagram Stories or tested out the filter themselves. That kind of image-sharing among Instagram users helps campaigns to go viral and broaden their impact. Instagram users had to either follow Dior’s account or visit their profile page to access the filter.

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