September 9th, 2014

Victor Maymudes knew Bob Dylan on a highly personal level: he was one of Bob’s closest confidants, meeting him at the beginning of his career and spending nearly four decades as his tour manager. Victor began writing his memoirs years after a bitter falling out with the music icon – a project he never had the opportunity to finish upon his sudden passing in 2001 due to an aneurism. Using tapes Victor had left behind containing over 24 hours of memories, Victor’s son, Jake Maymudes, completed his father’s unfinished works: Another Side of Bob Dylan.

Jake, a senior nuke artist in The Mill studio in Los Angeles, had no initial plans to resume Victor’s writings. “For the next 12 years following his passing, I had little interest in finishing his book,” he says. In January of 2013, his family home in New Mexico burned down. “It was through that event that I felt compelled to finish my father’s memoirs.”

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The book focuses primarily on Victor and Bob’s adventures over the years. Victor became Bob’s first tour manager not long after meeting him at the Gaslight Café in 1961, marking the beginning of a career full of escapades - meeting the Beatles and turning them on to (high quality) marijuana; traveling the globe on countless world tours and meeting presidents and heads of state, to name a few.

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“It really boils down to three main narratives: my relationship with my father, my father’s relationship with Bob Dylan and a bit about Bob Dylan himself,” Jake explains. “I think there’s something for everyone.”

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Taking on Victor’s project proved to be emotionally challenging. Jake used the audiotapes Victor recorded during his writing process as a basis for finishing the book – they all contained stories from his time with Bob – but he never listened to them until last year. Listening to his father’s recorded memories opened an entirely new window of perspective into his life: “It was wonderful to hear, but sad at the same time. I learned a lot about my father – a lot of things I didn’t know. I wouldn’t say all of it was good, either. Looking back on it, it was all stuff you’d expect from a tour manager of a rock and roll band.”

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While Jake’s discoveries about his father’s experiences with Bob were no doubt emotional, his hard work was ultimately rewarding. “It’s all been a wild ride so far,” he told us. “I’m very pleased with the book.”

So pleased, in fact, that his next book is already in the works. Up next is a fictional thriller with a comedic edge, loosely based on visual effects. Stay tuned!

Another Side of Bob Dylan hits shelves September 9th in North America with releases in Denmark and Brazil later this year. Learn more on Jake’s website.