March 14th, 2019
Working closely with Sky Creative Agency, Mill+ director Ivo Sousa created this dynamic and exhilarating title sequence ahead of the upcoming launch of Sky Sports Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix.

The piece encapsulates the sentiment that Formula 1 is a team sport and without every component coming together the whole thing would fall apart. The spot fluidly explores every crucial detail involved in the extensive preparation that takes place ahead of the race.

The piece utilises a left to right camera move, immersing the viewer in the F1 environment showcasing key moments from practice sessions in the pit lane and around the track to qualifying and the main race event.

The Mill team seamlessly integrated Sky’s visuals into key moments throughout the fast-paced spot to enforce key messaging. Sky Sports F1 commentary was also an important part of the sound design to enhance the drama of the piece as a whole.

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