January 25th, 2019
Durex launches a fourth-wall-breaking new commercial, shot by Harry Bradbeer, director of Killing Eve and Fleabag. Creatively devised by Havas London and produced by Park Village, ‘Ladies, Let’s Lube’ opens up the conversation around female sexual discomfort, confronts its misconceptions, and normalises lubrication as a solution. 

The campaign was developed from Durex’s insight that while many women can experience discomfort during sex, less than 50% take action to address the issue. The 30-second film positions better sex as the next step towards women’s empowerment, highlighting that it’s completely natural to reach for lube. Asking ‘Why do we still put up with uncomfortable sex?’, the film’s protagonist breaks the fourth wall with the call to action: ‘Ladies, Let’s lube.’ 

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