January 2nd, 2019
Shots has put together the best global work - including commercials, music videos, branded content, charity campaigns and short films - to have been featured on over the course of 2018. See the full list here, which includes multiple Mill projects: 

Music Video
The Chemical Brothers 'Free Yourself'

Amazon Alexa ‘Alexa Loses Her Voice’ 
Michelob Ultra 'The Perfect Fit'
Tide 'It's a Tide Ad'
BBC 'Wonderland'
Nike Women Mexico 'Together Unstoppable'
Strictly Come Dancing 'Find Your Dancing Shoes'
Nike Football 'Awaken the Phantom'
BT Sport 'Take Them All On'
Sky Sports 'Take Your Seat'
giffgaff 'Small vs Big'
OVO Energy 'It's Time to Power Your Life Differently'