July 11th, 2014

In tribute to modern architecture, isometric video games and sci-fi literature, Fabrice Le Nezet, visual artist, filmmaker and Mill 3D artist, created the mesmerizing short film ‘Mother', an epic and poetic journey through a surreal world.

Falling somewhere between animation and motion design, 'Mother' draws you into a monochromatic world made of remarkable architectural forms, giant surreal moving stripes and the miniature faceless people that exist within it. You can easily lose yourself  looking at all the tiny elements and actions in the story. Fabrice wanted the viewer to be an observer of a world with its own logic and rules that exists beyond this short film.

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The project was originally intended to be only a print series based on modern architecture but Fabrice quickly decided to build an entire world around the structures. He favoured a graphic approach over a technical/realistic one and used nothing more than a standard 3D package to create the world. The design was particularly influenced by the work of architects Frank Lloyd Wright and Zaha Hadid, as well as the isometric Atari game, Marble Madness.

He elaborates, "I wanted the graphic style to be minimalist in terms of volume and colour, with references to architectural floor plans such as striped and checkered patterns. Initially, all the buildings were supposed to be made out of concrete, which is one of my favourite materials as a designer, but I soon came to realize that it was visually too heavy. I eventually ended up with a very pure and simple monochromatic style, mixing small architectural forms and giant surreal moving stripes."

Watch the film below and visit Fabrice's website to see more work from the artist.

Designed and Directed by Fabrice Le Nezet
Character Animation: Benjamin Mousquet
Sound: Raphael Azel Martinez