July 1st, 2014

The artists of The Mill bring beautiful pieces to life every day. Clarice Chin, Senior Art Director of Mill+, is one of the creative minds behind And So It Goes, an artistic collaboration with friend and business partner Georgia Tribuiani. Together they’ve created their own luxury version of the practical net bag: a traditional accessory with a stylish twist featuring fine leather handles and soft cotton cord. But it doesn’t just look good, it does good: each bag is woven by hand to support local artisanship and a percentage of proceeds donated to The Clean Oceans Project.

The Roots

And So It Goes comes from a strong personal belief system: “Georgia and I have a similar style and aesthetic,” Clarice explains. “I used to knit and crochet and she used to make puppets for the theatre and we realized we missed making things with our hands! We noticed crafts that have developed over centuries are being forgotten these days, so we wanted to develop something that had real value.”

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“If we make something, it needs to be crafted locally,” Clarice elaborates. “We’re very aware of the materials we’re using and donate to causes like the Clean Ocean Project. Because of the plastic bag ban in California, everyone is using totes and our net bags are a wonderful alternative: they’re compact, locally made and supporting a craft..” Clarice acknowledges that the net bag has been around since the 1920s, but she wanted to make it a “reboot.” She adds, “The reason for the leather handles is for style and practical comfort - it‘s softer on your shoulder when you’re carrying something heavy.”

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The Process

The net bags were first made by a small group of women in Los Angeles whose experience came from constructing fishermen’s nets. From the netting to the sewing of the handles, there are no machines involved, and it’s to stay that way. “People have seen our bags online, in magazines or blogs and we’re getting stocked in some great little shops all over the world.”

Net 3

Up Next

The And So It Goes team plans on expanding their product catalogue in small steps.

“We’re really happy with the original design - you can put anything in it and the net will take the shape of the object. The next collection we’re doing is the same concept but using a vegetable tan leather that ages with you and gets darker with use.

“We’re also in the early stages of a beach chair design that’s got netting at the base of it so you can fold and carry it easily. It’s really light and great for the beach. We’re collaborating with a local guy for this, just like we did with the net bag. We’ve collaborated with lots of small businesses and there are lots of people doing cool things…it’s nice to be a part of the community.”

Check out And So It Goes and the lovingly crafted net bags here.

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