June 13th, 2014

After a very busy 2013 travelling to Sweden, Netherlands, US, Germany and Brazil, 2014 is shaping up to be one of VFX Supervisor Hugo Guerra’s busiest years yet.

Hugo has had a long term partnership with The Foundry and with them, so far this year, he has been invited to do VFX talks across Sweden, India, France, Portugal, Prague, Poland and the UK.

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I caught up with Hugo to find out some of the highlights of his trips so far.


Where did you speak?: The Foundry invited me to present at 7 different venues inside some of the best VFX houses in India including, Future Works, Famous Studios, Digitales, After Studios, Red Chillies, MAAC Arena and Trace VFX.

What was the highlight?: Being invited to have dinner at Gaurav Gupta’s home, MD of Future Works. We had an amazing home cooked meal and it was great fun.

What was your best meal?: Being a vegetarian, you can’t go wrong in India, I truly recommend the amazing Status Restaurant in Mumbai, best food in town.

What was your favourite site?: I had the privilege of visit Gandhi's House, it was am amazing experience, to see the life and the history of India’s most famous and charismatic leader.

Any tips?: I really recommend walking around the Gate of India, it’s incredibly beautiful at night and is a great place to take pictures.

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Where did you speak?: This was the first time I presented in my home town of Lisbon.  I had the pleasure to showcase The Mill’s latest work at the Expo Lisbon Event 2014 in the University Lusofona.

What was the highlight?: Seeing my mother for the first time in a couple of years, we had a great day walking around the old city of Lisbon - a beautiful place in the summer.

What was your best meal?: Being a vegetarian in Portugal is a lot harder than being one in India! I’d have to say my favourite was a simple, but typical Portuguese Egg & Cheese Omelet in Lisbon’s most famous haunt, Cafe Nicola.

What was your favourite site?: I would highly recommend checking out the historical downtown of Lisbon, which was completely rebuilt after the big earthquake of 1755 - the “Baixa Pombalina” from Marques de Pombal is an amazing place.

Any tips?: I really recommend going to Lisbon before July, it is far too hot and filled with tourists during the summer. It’s a relatively cheap place to visit and Lisbon is very close to the great beaches of Estoril and Cascais so well worth it!

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Where did you speak?:  I presented a Keynote at the Theatro Music Club in Prague about some of the best work The Mill has done using Nuke and Hiero. It was great afternoon, with the auditorium packed full of artists, directors, producers and VFX students.

What was the highlight?: Being a VFX Artist, I had to visit the Karel Zeman museum of Special Effects, a great opportunity to see the work of a great visionary director that revolutionised cell animation, stop animation and optical effects in movies. Not to be missed.

What was your favourite site?: It was overwhelming visiting a city with more then 2000 monuments. There is so much to see, from the Old Jewish Cemetery, Kafka Museum, the 15th century Astronomical Clock, The Old Castle, Charles Bridge, etc. I just couldn’t pick my favourite!

Any tips?: I was very lucky to be in town in time to see the fantastic Tim Burton's exhibition. The exhibition covers 3 decades of paintings, storyboards, sculptures and illustrations from his films but also of many unfinished projects. If you happen to be in Prague whilst it’s on – it’s well worth a visit!

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Where did you speak?: In Warsaw I spoke at the "Friends of The Foundry” event, which was really engaging with excellent speakers and a great Q&A at the end – everyone responded very well to The Mill’s work.

What was the highlight?: Had the pleasure to visit the amazing Museum of Modern Art - a great inspiration and great collection of contemporary video art, installation and painting by the best Polish artists of the last 2 decades

What was your favourite meal?: I had a fantastic evening at the restaurant U Kucharzy w Arsenale with my friends from The Foundry and Platige VFX

What was your favourite site?: The Old Town, The Royal Castle, The Palace of Culture and Science – they’re all beautiful!

It is very impressive walking around this very old town and knowing that just 70 years ago the entire city was destroyed and rebuild stone by stone.

Thank you Hugo for those tips and highlights! Follow Hugo on Twitter to keep up to date with his VFX adventures…