January 24th, 2018

The Mill are excited to be the first ever partner and host to All Here’s ‘Creative Hackathon’.

Alongside Access VFX, The Mill invited 12 students at The Brit School to participate in a task that saw them generate ideas towards an immersive social media campaign for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

This interactive, all-day event aims to confront diversity issues in the creative industries by bringing young people who would never have considered a career in advertising the opportunity to work on a live brief.

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As previously iterated by Simon Devereux, Group Head of L&D at The Mill, “As employers, we have to be bold and make sure everyone is involved in the conversation. It's all about inspiring careers and creating an environment where talent can thrive, and everyone can come in and feel they are represented.”

After having experienced the day himself, Devereaux commented, “I think this will replace traditional work experience going forward...actually being unleashed in the building within a creative space is hugely important.”

The Creative Hackathon is a tangible way to involve the next generation in the VFX industry, where they can hear insights from The Mill’s leaders and creatives.

The participants themselves were equally excited about the opportunity, and had positive comments on the experience.

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“It allowed me to have an insight into the studio and how things worked.”

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“I really appreciated how it wasn’t easy. We had to really work to get our pitches in….It was such a brilliant experience...It will definitely help me out wherever I go.”

Sereena Abbassi, the founder of All Here, explains that she started the organisation to “move past mentorship and into sponsorship and start engaging with difference in every sense to make better work and a fairer society.” The Creative Hackathon was a successful start to this endeavour and one The Mill was proud to facilitate and participate in.