December 14th, 2017
The Mill is excited to present UPROAR, a digital art installation that pays homage to the resilience of the people of Houston in the face of Hurricane Harvey.
Presented at this year’s Day for Night Festival (December 15th - 17th) in Houston, Texas, the 25ft long installation was spearheaded by The Mill’s Kinda Akash, Will Arnold and Jimmy Gass.
The fluid, painterly projection depicts large swaths of color, ebbing and flowing, mixing and transforming over time. It is an abstract disguise for a data visualization – pinning various storm data sets against the rise of #HOUSTONSTRONG on Twitter over the course of four days.
“In a building originally named after a fearless civil rights leader, at a festival honoring Houston as a world-player in new media and music, our work attempts to honor resilience, solidarity, and the process of recovery.” Comment Akash and Arnold, “No matter how powerful a storm is, it cannot fully suppress of take over a city and the will of the people.”

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