May 23rd, 2014

The Mill+ team takes you behind the scenes of the Prefa 'Panzerstier' spot featuring a CGI Bull developed fully in Cinema4D. See how the team used a 3D printed bull to re-create the scene featuring an array of harsh weather elements.

The Mill+ team collaborated with Lovestone Film to create a fully CGI Bull entirely in Cinema4D battling the harsh weather elements to promote Prefa's weather-wearing tiles. The concept was to create a bull covered in tiles to display the strength and durability of Prefa's tiles in all weather types including snow, ice, wind and rain.

The team captured these elements on a live action shoot using a 3D printed bull which enabled them to re-create the scene back in the studio, finessing how each condition could look when impacting the CG model. A range of techniques was utilised in-house making full use of the design, CGI and Nuke teams to seamlessly and effectively bring together each element.

Watch Behind the Scenes: Prefa 'Panzerstier' to see how we brought the formidable creature to life:

Layer92 1

Layer236 2

Layer106 3

Layer118 4

Layer128 5

Layer239 6

Layer425 7

Layer440 8

Layer473 9

Layer479 10

Layer486 11

Layer490 12