August 4th, 2017

Last year in Cannes, The Mill and Aurelia Soundworks premiered ‘Does Not Exist’, a spatial audio virtual reality experience featuring an original track performed by award-winning beatboxer Reeps One. The first music video of its kind is now being relaunched, this time on Facebook 360, with a brand new, better-than-ever audio mix.

After its successful debut on YouTube 360 in 2016, ‘Does Not Exist’ set off on tour in VR headsets around the globe. Its recognition as a one-of-a-kind experience of quality earned accolades from award shows such as Proto Awards and UK MVA, with a presence at trade shows and festivals around the world including CES, VRLA, SXSW, Pause Fest, Social Media Week, Geneva Film Festival and a global tour with Kaleidoscope. 

Reeps One, whose real name is Harry Yeff, has since collaborated with The Mill beyond the VR passion project. He participated on The Mill’s SXSW panel in 2017, ‘The Impact of Audio on the VR Visual Story’. He also recently performed at The Mill’s MoveMe event in New York where he created unique digital sculptures with the nuanced tones of his voice.

Harry paid a visit to our London studio where he discussed his views on the making of ‘Does Not Exist’, and the responsibility of those creating VR content. Watch it here: