March 21st, 2017
This March, The Mill’s Christopher La Rosa and Drew Maloney organized, hosted and curated the Nomadic Photography Show ‘A Generation in Motion’; a dynamic New York based exhibition that features visual stories from artists, entrepreneurs, activist and athletes from around the world. 

We caught up with Christopher and Drew to find out more about their love of photography, passion for adventure and inspiration for this exhibition.  

Clr Saveforweb BlogPhotography by Christopher La Rosa

Tell me a bit about yourselves and how you got into photography?
CLR: I'm a photographer, traveler, and videographer born and raised on the shores of Long Island. I got into photography and videography through road trips in high school. It really became my top priority after studying abroad inspired me to road trip the United States after college in 2014. Since then, I've never put my camera down.
DM: I am an avid surfer from Long Island, NY. While attending college, I painted in my dorm every day and became inspired by artist Drew Brophy and his psychedelic seascapes. 

I took my education further by studying underwater photography under renowned animal rights activist Fiona Ayerst in Mozambique, Africa. After my studies in Africa I returned to NY, at which point I knew that this idea would turn into a life -long pursuit to conserve our oceans. I also knew I had much to learn to develop my technical skills and camera abilities in order to make this pursuit impactful down the line.  

Now, at 24 I’m reaching close to my second year at The Mill NY where I have learned a great deal of information from individuals and experiences regarding tech, workflow and techniques. I could not and would not have learned at any educational institution. 

Ocean Drew SaveforwebPhotography by Drew Maloney

Who or what inspires you?
CLR: My best friends who helped create this interactive gallery experience are the main reasons I ever picked up a camera. On a personal level, I'm inspired by the fact that I want to see all 7 continents before I die. In the back of my head that's always pushing me. I'm 3/7 as of now...

I’ve been greatly influenced and inspired by the work of photographer Morgan Maassen, who’s ocean and travel photography is incredibly inspiring. It was upon studying underwater photography in Africa that I truly realized how I can contribute back to the ocean, which has given so much to me, by sharing its beauty, power and life through photography and documentary video. 

Clr Blog Saveforweb
Photography by Christopher La Rosa

How did ‘A Generation in Motion’ come about?

CLR: We've been discussing throwing an event for years. A few months back in December a group of friends who throw events approached us about collaborating and it just made sense. We were super lucky that our friends and collaborators at Extra Butter hosted the event and gave us a space with free creative control.
DM: The five of us Dave Fitz, TJ Mitchell, John Talty, Chris and myself have all worked together for 3 years now.  We had been wanting to showcase the work we’ve done and our individual styles for a long time and it made sense for us to collaborate again to make this event happen as a 3-year celebration.

Impact Dm Saveforweb
Photography by Drew Maloney

How did you each curate your exhibition?
CLR: I approached my curation by trying to share some of my favorite images that had stories worth sharing behind them. I wanted to be able to tell someone a story if they asked me about them. 
DM: We tailored our photographs and presentations based on our individual preference or style of photography. For me that is the ocean, which has many faces. The vast majority of my photographs are taken when I’m in the ocean and I wanted to give a glimpse of the full perspective of Life, Power and Beauty both above and below the surface.  

My centerpieces and largest frames represented Life + Power, my other works on both ends of the exhibit represented Beauty.

Drew Maloney Ocean Blog Saveforweb Photography by Drew Maloney

If you could work with anyone who would it be and why?
CLR: I'd probably want to tag along with photographer Chris Burkard and filmmaker Renan Ozturk on an arctic adventure. Something about being in subzero temperatures sounds enticing and I would love to experience the struggle of documenting authentic stories under that pressure.
DM: I’d love to work with surfing conservation activists such as Rob Machado and Kelly Slater. I truly believe the surf industry has a powerful and enormous audience that should be pushing harder to become green and clean. If there is one industry in the world that will become the first to go completely green it will be the surf industry and I will be a catalyst for that to happen.
How does working here at The Mill influence your artistic styles?
CLR: Prior to working here, The Mill's reel & other work was a huge inspiration for me, it connected beautiful visuals to exceptional storytelling. As a runner, seeing The Mills attention to the smallest details regardless of which department you work in has had the biggest influence on my style. 
Applying The Mill’s focus to my Photography, Cinematography & Event planning was pivotal in helping me organize this gallery event.
DM: I get great criticism and feedback and advice from anybody I reach out to asking for it.  The Mill makes me value quality and story over anything else.  Since being here I don’t want to put anything out, whether it be a photo or video piece, unless it’s absolutely dope, for lack of a better word.

Clr Blog Balloons SaveforwebPhotography by Christopher La Rosa