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Colour: The Mill 
Colourist: Alex Gregory 
VFX Production
VFX: The Mill 
Executive Producer: Justin Stiebel 
Producer: Imogen Pai, Supreetha Murthy 
Production Coordinator: Stevie Sapiano, Noan John Vinod 
Shoot Supervisors: Stefan Susemihl, Marta Carbonell 
Lidar Scanning: Efficacy 4D 
Agency: Jung von Matt 
Senior Producer: Jonathan Helmer 
Creative Director: Alex Norvilas 
Account Director: Yannick Maser 
Production Company
Production Company: Anorak 
Director: Stuart McIntyre 
Executive Producer: Tobias Steinhauser 
Producer: Ralf Erthle 
Director of Photography: Christopher Soos 
VFX Creative
VFX Creative: The Mill 
Creative Director: Greg Spencer 
VFX Supervisor: Stefan Susemihl, Marta Carbonell 
Lead 2D Artist: Jorg Schulz-Gerchow 
Matte Paint Artists: Nithin Babu, Prajeesh E 
Lead 3D Artist: Marta Carbonell 
Animation: Mahesh MS 
Cg Sup: Anish Mohan 
Compositer Lead: Vinod Gopinathan 
Tracking Lead: Murali Krishna Reddy