Origami Squirrel
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Agency: BBDO Atlanta

Chief Creative Officer: Will Boudreau

VP CD: Derrick Ogilvie

ACD: Jon Mueller

ACD: Mike Hanley

VP Account Director: Tami Oliva

Management Supervisor: Austen Tully

Executive Producer: JD Williams


Production Company: RESET

Director: TWIN

Managing Director: Dave Morrison

Executive Producer: Jeff McDougall

Producer: Veronica Madrigal

Bidding Producer: Jenn Ingalls

Head of Production: Amada Clune


Editing Company: PS 260

Editor: Maury Loeb

VFX & Design

VFX & Design: The Mill

Senior Producer: Carl Walters

Shoot Supervisor: Eric Pascarelli

Character Designers: Pierce Gibson, Clemens den Exter

2D Lead Artist: Kyle Cody

2D Artists: Don Kim, Molly Intersimone

3D Lead Artist: Jeff Lopez, Tom Bardwell

3D Modelers: Tom Cushwa, Christina Ku

3D Animation Supervisor: Jeff Lopez

3D Animators: Taylor Cook, Paolo Cogliati, Bryan Larson, Navdeep Singh

3D Lighting Lead: Tom Bardwell

3D Lighters: Emily Meger, Yong Chan Kim, Ajit Menon, Sarah Bocket, Christine Kim

Colour: The Mill
Colourist: Mikey Rossiter