February 19th, 2014
The Mill is no stranger to R&B and Soul musician Cody ChesnuTT.  Our color team worked on the 'Till I Met Thee' music video in 2012 that led to The Mill's Dee Allen and Alex Maxwell directing not one but two music videos for the lead tracks off of Cody’s latest album, Landing on a Hundred; 'I've Been Life', and most recently, 'Love is More Than a Wedding Day.'

'Love is More Than a Wedding Day' celebrates the sanctity of marriage and reminds couples to remember the meaning behind their vows, even when the going gets tough. The original idea for "Wedding Day" started out a bit different from how it ended up (isn’t that always the case?) But the main theme was always to have this beautiful bewitched type of character with a magical gift that she uses in a fun and innocent way.

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The visual effects were a key part of the imagery. The Mill's Daniel Giraldo and K Khanna, 2D artists, nailed the visual effects on the video. And Mikey Rossiter, the boy wonder, who will be one of the leading colorists in the game in a few years time, gave the video a beautiful look with a grade that kicks everything up a notch.