October 5th, 2016

Mill+ continued their ongoing collaboration with OFFF festival of creativity this year, creating an explosive title sequence for their closing ceremony of ‘OFFF by Night’ in Antwerp, Belgium.

 OFFF originated in Barcelona for over the past 15 years establishing itself as meeting place for international creatives disrupting the future.


The project directed by Mill+ Designer, William Arnold featured original music by Fall On Your Sword, portraying animated simulations and graphics resembling psychedelic visuals. The team were able to work with an open brief, meaning they could flex their creative muscles and develop something truly original and inspiring.

 In this case, William drew inspiration from bright colors and graphic patterns, combining flat, playful color palettes with complex simulations.


William Arnold tells us more:

 “A recurring theme for this project was finding harmony between order and chaos. In other words, defining parameters, and allowing for a certain degree of chaos within those parameters.” He comments, “By doing so, there’s an unfamiliar quality to the movement of some of our shapes. On one hand, things feel natural and fluid. But on the other hand, there are invisible forces that are restrictive. The resulting effect is something that feels organic, yet unpredictable.”

 “The entire project was a technical challenge in a good way. Once we developed the techniques that we wanted to use for individual shots, it became a bit of a puzzle in terms of how we would stitch everything together. The transitions were the most challenging parts.”

02 Copy

“Using Houdini, Maya, C4D, and Nuke, we explored non-traditional ways of distorting different pieces of geometry. We were looking for ways to procedurally effect the shapes without sacrificing sharp edges. We spent about 2/3 of our entire schedule developing these techniques, and the other 1/3 on figuring out how to stitch everything together. All said and done, we figured out ways to seamlessly link different pieces of software by sharing cameras and distorting individual image sequences."

Watch the full OFFF title sequence below.