September 9th, 2016
The Mill announced it will be welcoming Detroit based studio Hudson Edit to its group of global remote partnerships. The link strengthens The Mill's expansion and commitment to the Midwest market and will provide access from Detroit to any Mill artist across all its bases in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and London. 

The addition will allow The Mill and Hudson Edit to collaborate on projects and offer Detroit clients access to the complete portfolio of Mill services across animation, colour, design and VFX. Jared Yeater, Managing Director at Mill Chicago, said, "The possibilities here are fantastic. Our artists are considered amongst the finest in the business and our remote network connects Detroit to all of them. Our involvement can range from end to end collaboration on multiple campaigns to simply connecting an individual artist to one specific aspect of a project."

In particular, Detroit creatives will get access to the Mill colourist of their choice. Dee Allen, Group Colour Director at The Mill said, "Colour grading is the defining moment for setting the final look of any film. In our remote grading sessions clients will experience a live picture connection and seamless HD streaming, all in real time. I'm very excited for the Detroit community to work with our team. Chicago Head of Colour Luke Morrison and Colourist Matt Osborne have a passion for the art and science behind colour that goes far beyond the technical process, and have been spearheading that message across the entire Midwest." 

The Mill already has long standing holds in Detroit's creative community. It is a D Show sponsor and earlier in the year cemented its dedication to servicing automotive advertising with the introduction of The Mill BLACKBIRD®, the first fully adjustable car rig for creating photo-real CG cars and winner of the Gold Lion for Innovation at this year's festival at Cannes. 

Kristin Redman, Executive Producer at Hudson Edit, commented, "The Mill is the perfect fit for what we want to start offering our clients and bring to the Detroit market. It's reputation for talent and commitment to bringing the best to everything it touches is something we value at Hudson and I know all our collaborators will welcome. I can't wait to see what we'll create together."
Yeater ends, “We’re committed to bringing top tier talent to the Midwest market. Our partnership with Hudson in Detroit is a further step to that goal and one we believe will be received well by a strong creative community hungry for more opportunities to produce great work.”