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September 29th, 2016

The Mill’s Beauty team recently teamed up with Garage Magazine to help bring their September covers and editorial content to life. 

Building on the Augmented Reality app previously created by The Mill for previous collaborations on Issue No.08 and Issue No.10, the team, led by Pierce Gibson, worked on three different covers as well as in-book content for Dior.


In the first ever collaboration between Snapchat and The Mill, our team worked closely with with Chaos Fashion, renowned makeup artist Pat McGrath and photographer Phil Poynter to create two explosive covers that were translated into bespoke Snapchat filters and advocate the anti-bullying campaign ‘Be Cool, Be Nice’.

Starring Kendall Jenner and Willow Smith, the September covers unlock exclusive Snapchat filters for GARAGE readers, as well as an augmented reality experience accessed through the GARAGE app.

 Garage Kendal Cover

The Snapchat lense designs took inspiration from models Kendall Jenner and Willow Smith, who each were asked to provide an insight into what their idea personal lens would be.

Willow’s inspiration was a “Third Eye” or “Kind Eye”, allowing you to unleash positive vibes out into the universe. Kendall’s was the ability choose between freeing your inner Angel or setting loose your inner Devil.

Kendal Snapchat

Willow Snapchat

Using this, The Mill’s Pierce Gibson was able to craft unique and striking visuals which were then translated into bespoke filters accesed by GARAGE readers once they scanned the Snapchat icon seen on the front of the magazine.

Pierce comments, “Every issue with Garage been an incredibly fun and unique opportunity in the development of print and augmented reality experiences and this issue was no exception.

We had the chance to collaborate with Snapchat to expand our storytelling horizons and at the same time, share one of the issue’s core messages about anti bullying through the Be Cool Be Nice campaign.

The aim was to create a seamless experience from the printed piece, to the GARAGE app, to the Snapchat lenses, ensuring there was a wholly unified concept throughout.”

 Screen Shot 2016 09 29 At 4.38.38 Pm


The highly anticipated September Issue 11 also includes a limited-edition Burberry cover. On September 19th, during London Fashion Week, exclusive content was unlocked for Issue 11 that revealed the A/W16 Burberry collection, modelled by Rosie Hungtington-Whiteley.

The dynamic covers come to life when scanned by the GARAGE augmented reality app unveiling a series of short films, enhanced and animated by The Mill’s team of VFX artists. Pierce continues, "The challenge for us was to create an interactive fashion show viewers could participate with. We worked with photographer Phil Poynter to make the printed images not only work editorially but also to be the first phase of an interactive story: An invitation to unlock each Burberry piece following the event of The Burberry Fall Collection Runway Show."

 Garage Rosie Cover



The Mill also joined forces with the team from Dior, adding in subtle animations to beautifully shot stills photographed by Pierre Deboucher. The striking shots are styled by Dior with an Elizabethan look and feel. Once again, when scanned with the GARAGE app, the print images come to life on the screen, adding a new dimension to the classically styled photographs.


Watch the video below and find out more here.