August 12th, 2016

After the success of '1 + 2 = Blue: The Science of Colour in Film' at last year's SXSW, Mill artists are ready to take the stage again and we need your vote to get there. Take a look at the panels we've submitted for the 2017 conference below and vote for the sessions you'd like to see by giving them a thumbs up and a share before September 2, 2016!

The Mill BLACKBIRD | The World's First Virtual Car

The Mill’s Executive Vice President, Al Thompson, and Chief Creative Officer, Angus Kneale, will host a talk and live configuration demo showing how The Mill BLACKBIRD® can transform into any CG vehicle, real or imagined.

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The Impact of Audio on the VR Visual Story

Does Not Exist’ is an immersive piece performed by beatbox phenomenon Reeps One and composed specifically for mixing in 3D sound, making it the first music video of its kind. The team will provide exclusive insight into why audio is so impactful in the VR space and how it relates to visual storytelling, including a live performance with mixing, looping and ambisonic 3D sound; incorporating an explanation on the science and technology of producing such sound. The diverse panel of award-winning experts will discuss how sound impacts emotion and is pivotal to the visual journey, particularly in the new immersive media space.

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Logic, Belief, Memory & The Reptile Brain

Logicbeliefmemorythereptilebrain 160722210824

Rama Allen, filmmaker and futurist, will take the stage with a leading scientist to discuss the psychological, neurological and physiological effects of immersive media.Together, they will combine thinking from anthropology, psychology, film making and technology, sharing their insights and attempting to answer the question ‘Why Can’t I Step Off A Ledge in VR?’ The talk will be supported by a series of experiments in behavior and cognition.

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Curation vs Creation | A Talk by Carl Addy

This talk by Carl Addy, Mill+ Creative Director, will aim to define how curation has altered the creative process, looking at the conditions for why curation has become so important and why the creative community has either adapted or fought against this.

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Truth Through Process

Truththroughprocesssxswpanelpicker 160722212340

Ben Smith, ECD at The Mill, will share his insight into the evolving creative process that comes hand in hand with creating immersive and interactive content, delving behind the scenes into a series of virtual experiments. Drawing from his experience as an artist and filmmaker, Ben will discuss the marriage of technology and creative, proving that the richest stories are often found through process, and in the case of VR, we often have to build the boat while sailing.

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Film in 360 | The VR Maker Lab

Sxswpanelpickerfilmin360 160722184428

Build your own 360 degree camera rig with Mill NY Creative Director Westley Sarokin, as he aims to combat the lack of affordable and accessible hardware and software associated with generating 360 degree immersive content. Whilst equipping attendees with the knowledge needed to dip their toes into the rapidly expanding world of VR, Sarokin, armed with his own bespoke designs and a laser cutter, will teach a select audience of filmmakers how to build their own seven Go-Pro camera rig.

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Chaos Is The New Calm

Chaos Is The New Calm looks at the role of chaos as a driver for innovation and change. It investigates the science of stress to further understand how to work best in highly pressurised problem solving situations. Creative Director Carl Addy will spark discussion on the challenges that creatives face and the innovations that emerge as a result. With interviews from key adland creatives and directors, and anecdotal tales from The Mill’s 26 years, the discussion will highlight examples of those seemingly problematic and challenging situations that have transformed into epic successes and opened up new opportunities using tech and innovation to become a better species of creatives.

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Psychic Cinema | The Next Kinect


Rama Allen, ECD at The Mill NY, uses his biometric virtual experiments as a springboard to discuss the possibilities of ‘Psychic Cinema’ – emotions and thoughts as an input to the story and viewer agency.

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