January 16th, 2014

Mill+ animation director Ivo Sousa and Stefano Ottaviano recently finished a promo under the directing pseudonym I Double S I for Octa Push, two brothers from Lisbon producing tracks fusing  Bashment, UK Garage and Dubstep with other elements like Afrobeat and Techno.

The promo for the Afrobeat-influenced single 'Please, Please, Please' is a fun and vivid caricature of modern consumerism, as a beautiful model auditions for a group of colourful characters. We interviewed the directing duo to find out more about their inspiration below:

Octapushsc Reencaps 1

How did you get involved with this project?

We actually met the band through a family connection but we have built a strong relationship with the band themselves since then. Building up a great level of trust with them was good because they gave us total creative freedom over the whole project. They didn't actually see anything until the day of delivery.

Octa Push Body 1 2

Octa Push Body 2 3

What was the inspiration behind the video?

For a while we tried to connect the lyrics, "take those drums out of my head" to the visuals, from a woman with drum sticks stuck to her head, to people with legs on their heads. We finally came to a conclusion that our addiction to the QVC channel would be a good starting point, as this is a continuous beat in our own heads. We both suffer from insomnia, and QVC became a big part of those long evenings on the sofa. A very unique channel, although not everyone would agree, but we feel it's a bible of creative inspiration (and it also helped furnish our flat!)

What we see in the finished product is lead singer of Octa Push, Catarina Moreno, in her own QVC style job interview. She's actually destroying several items from our flat in the video!

On The Set With Octa Pushs Catarina Moreno 4

How long have you been working together as a duo?

We've been working together for about two years. We actually met in a queue in IKEA and started living together after that!

What other projects have you worked on together? 

We've already worked on another Octa Push video called 'Francois Hardy' and one very cheesy Stooshe music video. We really enjoy drama though, so hopefully one day we will be able to move into that genre. The dream is to direct the next Robocop movie with Danny DeVito.

Do you have any other projects lined up?

All too secret to talk about at the moment…

Who is your favourite promo director at the moment?

We are much more inspired by film. Our current passion is Nelson Lyon, who directed 'The Telephone Book'. It was shot in the 70's but is very avant-garde and such a visionary movie, even now. It's about a man who provides orgasms to woman via phone calls.

If you could work with anyone who would it be?

Danny Mcbride, Danny DeVito and Billy Murray, oh we love them!

What's your favourite music video at the moment?

Nowadays is hard to pick one, but we are both agreed on Charlotte Gainsbourg & Beck "Heaven Can Wait" by Keith Schofield - his sense of humour is just mesmerising.

And now, check out the vibrant ode to home shopping entertainment: