July 15th, 2016
The Mill appreciates the many talents and achievements of our employees both inside and outside of the workplace. We are a community of diverse individuals with many talents The Mill supports in more ways than one.

Meet Olivia Burke, Talent Recruiter at The Mill New York.

When Olivia isn’t scouting prospective talent to join our visual effects and content studio, she is creating visuals of her own through photography. Olivia mentions photography aligning with recruitment since she’s constantly meeting talented artist that continue to influence her artistic expression.

Olivia Flower 1280x720

Tell me about yourself and how did you get into photography.

It first started in the way that it does for most children — doodles galore, finger painting and watercolors. I will always remember the day I learned how to build a pinhole camera. A feeling of energy filled me with desire to learn everything I could about taking pictures. Photography quickly became more than a passion for me, but a way of life. In my fourth year of architecture school, I studied abroad in Como, Italy, using a Nikon Coolpix to document my travels. It was during this trip that I truly fell in love with photography.

What are your kit essentials?

It is not the camera, but rather the eye of the photographer, that makes for a powerful image. That being said, the moment I started using a DSLR I learned how to use a camera in a way that I never had done before. My Canon T3i Rebel is my partner in crime and my go to lens is the 55-250mm.


Who inspires you?

Jeannie O’Connor is an incredible Photographer & Painter who inspires me to push the boundaries in my work. As a close family friend, I was very fortunate to be exposed to her stunning work at a young age. “Cartona” is one of my favorite pieces, which is painted film over chalk pastel. Jeannie’s innovative technique of integrating painting into her photography by working with layers of clear film has had a huge impact on my art.

Do you have a particular style or influence?

While my focus shifts on a daily basis, I have noticed one component that is consistent in my work — I try to capture movements in stillness and distort reality. The photographs that I find most revealing of my style are the ones taken in the spur of the moment and not planned.

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Olivia’s unconventional photography background allows her mood to reflect in visuals captured through her lens. Last summer, Olivia had the chance to enroll into a photography residency at the School of Visual Arts where she had the chance to manipulate shots and tour various art galleries in East Village and Chelsea. During her intensive residency she curated her own exhibition entitled “Urban Oasis” a portrayal of Manhattan's High Line captured in black & white.

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