June 15th, 2016
The Mill Creative Director Carl Addy will take to the stage next Monday 20th June for this year's Cannes Lions Festival to spark discussion around ‘creative challenges’ and the innovative problem solving that emerges as a result.

His talk, titled SNAFU | Situation Normal, All F****d Up, will delve into stories, situations and anecdotal tales from The Mill’s 26 years of creating brave content and prove that actually we shouldn’t panic at the sight of failure but take the long view that when things go wrong it is evolution at our heels and a massive opportunity to become a better species of creative.

The creative industry is chaotic and the breakneck speed of progress means there are bound to be some spills on the path to great work. Booby trapped by human error, overambitious undertakings, high stress levels, malicious software and just plain dumb luck; Carl will explore the view that sometimes chaos should be embraced rather than just survived. 

Including interviews with key adland creatives and directors, the discussion will highlight examples of those seemingly problematic and challenging situations that have transformed into epic successes and opened up new opportunities. Moments such as these and the associated positive learnings that come about as a result have the ability to affect innovation and the different ways we do our business.

You can see Carl’s talk on Monday 20th June at 10.45am at Forum, Cannes Palais.

To follow the talk live, follow the hashtag #SNAFU and The Mill’s official Twitter handle @Millchannel

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