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May 17th, 2016
Mill+ Producer Luiza Cruz-Flade and her husband Fred Flade make up directing duo Him & Her.

Their latest project is an experimental film titled ‘Kinetic_Air’ which acts as an homage to the wind. Him (Fred Flade) has always loved the wind, whereas Her (Luiza Cruz-Flade) has always hated it…

We sat down with Luiza; the ‘Her’ from Him & Her to find out more about how they got started and more on their latest project:

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Tell us a bit more about Him & Her and how you got started?

We are college sweethearts and met at Ravensbourne Art College where we were both studying Visual Communication Design.

I specialised in Moving Image while Fred did the interaction Design side. We both graduated in 1997 and actually both started our careers working at digital agency Deepend in Shoreditch.

Him & Her then came into being as an outlet for doing creative collaborative projects under the experimental umbrella SOCIAL-DEBUT.

Where did the idea for Kinetic_Air come from and how did it evolve?

To be honest, there was never a concrete plan or even brief for this project;  we simply filmed some interesting shots while on holiday in Spain. When we got back to London we decided to create an experimental film about the wind, which we titled “Kinetic_Air”.

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Fred plays the piano so we thought that it would be great if he composed a track for the film, which was very much unplanned and in the moment, just as the wind is. He recorded a few tracks on an iPhone one evening while I lazed in the hot tub and then I screamed out “That’s the one!” and so we had a track to edit to.

We worked on the film for about 10 days every day after work. We always wanted it to be typographic in nature so we chose random lyrics from songs that feature the word “Wind” which were translated into different languages. We also added VO selects from various weather reports to sit on top of the music track.

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One of the incredible things about working at The Mill is that I am surrounded by talented, helpful, creative and collaborative people.

Regardless of position or experience, there’s always someone who will help bring a personal project to life – and all for a kind thank you or a pint down the pub. I still owe those boys a beer! We were very fortunate to have David ‘Luddy’ Ludlam grade our film and Theo Gibara to do the sound design for us.

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What’s next for Him & Her?

We are now working on a series of posters that feature key advice from creative professionals across various backgrounds including graphic design, film, advertising, illustration etc.

The posters feature advice that we think people would have given their younger selves and these will be distributed to art colleges around the country to inspire and help emerging young talent. The project will launch with an event hosted by The Mill and we are also working on creating a website to host this content to make it accessible.

To find out more about Him & Her, and to view some of their other projects, visit the SOCIAL-DEBUT website.