May 16th, 2016

The Mill in Los Angeles just wrapped up a ten-week semester of Life Drawing classes. The two-hour sessions, that ran every Tuesday, welcomed over 100 attendees, used over 1000 sheets of paper, sketched 50 poses and powered through 87 CarbOthello pencils. The Life Drawing course was completely open access, with participants from almost every single department represented.


Life Drawing at The Mill was taught by Rebecca Kimmel, the founder, owner and instructor of Korpus School of Art and Gallery. Since 2007, Rebecca has also taught at Otis College of Art & Design through the Digital Media Department, where she is a Senior Lecturer. Rebecca specializes in figurative art, with a particular focus on traditional figure drawing.

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Rebecca has experience teaching a wide range of topics, including anatomy, portraiture and drawing fundamentals. Her private clients have included everyone from high school students to professional writers and show-runners. She enjoys teaching students of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

Rebecca has a particular passion for college portfolio preparation for high school students. Previous college preparation students of Rebecca’s have gone on to receive over $5.40 Million total in scholarships, grants, and loans to their top choice art schools and universities.

Krystal Sae Eua, VFX Modeling and Texturing Lead says, “Being a commercial artist who helps a client's vision come to life, I sometimes forget what it's like to make something for myself. The Mill's life drawing workshop gave me a chance to be creative for creativity's sake and, at the same time, it helped me to enhance my eye and my traditional skills for my job. Enrichment programs like this really put The Mill a cut above the top creative houses in the industry. They know the true value of traditional art techniques and that they need to be nurtured. It is so beneficial to be able to have this outlet for my art. I can't wait for the next term!”

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12828409 1079213642117512 3970596513317673691 ODrawings by Ed Boldero

Ed Boldero, VFX Artist says, “I had previously taken part in Life Drawing sessions at The Mill in London which had been fantastic. Here in LA there was already a lot of interest in doing something similar, so it was great, as a collaborative effort, to get something started here too. While I always enjoyed it as a way of improving observational and compositional skills relevant to our work at The Mill, as well as for our personal development, another aspect of it that I like is that it is yet another way to bring together people from different aspects of the company”

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Img 0211Drawings by Krystal Sae Eua

Life Drawing sessions not only attracted Mill artists, but staff from all other departments as well. Our Hospitality Manager, Meredith Cherniack, has years of experience and was able to reintroduce herself to life drawing after nearly four years.

Meredith tells us, “I was very excited to hear that a life drawing class was being offered at The Mill. Now that I’m no longer in school and I’ve added other extra curricular activities into my life, drawing has taken a back seat so I was very grateful to have an opportunity to stretch my muscles in a devoted environment. After a few quick sketches, it started to come back to me and having Rebecca there to provide guidance was really helpful. She was very natural and comfortable in her teaching style. I love coming together with other artists who are there for the same purpose. My favorite is seeing how everyone puts their unique personality into their sketches. The entire experience was invigorating, and I left feeling clear minded and motivated.”

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Daniel Lam, our Revenue & Analytics specialist in the Finance department, attended a session out of interest and without professional experience in art – but you wouldn’t know it based on his brilliant sketches.

He says, “I thought the life drawing sessions were absolutely wonderful. It truly allowed me to experience what it was like being an artist and what they might ponder about when they are drawing. It was definitely loads of fun and was a great learning experience.”

Rebecca Kimmel, Life Drawing tutor says, “Thank you so much for welcoming me and for making the Life Drawing Workshop an amazing success! I tremendously enjoyed working with everyone on practicing their life drawing skills and am so impressed by and appreciative of everyone's kindness. It has truly been an honor to participate in The Mill LA's inaugural Life Drawing Workshop, and it has been incredible to be amongst such massively talented artists and incredibly kind staff. I look forward to polishing more life drawing skills with you in the future, and a big thank you to everyone for your amazing participation!”

Life Drawing at The Mill in Los Angeles will be back by popular demand for a second season in the fall.