April 29th, 2016

The Mill worked with Universal Pictures to create the closing titles for The Huntsman: Winter's War, the new film by producer Joe Roth and director Cedric Nicolas-Troyan that tells the story before Snow White and The Huntsman. Set to the song "Castle" by Halsey, the titles use ice and gold elements to embody the battle for domination between the warring queens, Evil Queen Ravenna (Charlize Theron) and Ice Queen Freya (Emily Blunt).

Led by Manija Emran, Mill+ Creative Director, and Robert Sethi, Creative Director and Head of 3D at The Mill LA, the team took the film’s narrative and translated it into thematic imagery that would both honor the story and offer a conceptual telling of it through design. Using a mixture of practical and visual effects, the titles explore both sides of the sibling rivalry through an alternating series of match-ups that feature weapons destroying beautifully crafted ice and gold objects: goblins, crowns, crow, owl, rose and medallion.


The elements were created through a combination of practical motion photography with CG and motion design. Each camera move was meticulously planned ahead of the shoot and outputted to a BOLT motion control rig designed for precise camera moves at ultra high speeds.

Storyboards Impact Moments 2

Mvi 8705 960

Paired with the Phantom camera, which can capture up to 2000 fps, the live-action shoot was designed to best move with the fired arrow and capture the weapon collisions with the gold objects and ice sculptures, formed and sculpted from pre-designed and 3D objects. The ice crown and gold goblin and crow were created in CG to complement the photography.


The typography is a continuation from The Snow White and the Huntsman titles, which were also created at The Mill, and feature the custom font Ravenna (Evil Queen). Designed by Manija, the Ravenna font encapsulates a classic feel while boasting a contemporary and sharp look to match the multifaceted character and her steadfast ways. The type is animated for The Huntsman: Winter's War, reflecting the shattering elements visualized throughout the titles.

Type Shatter Me

Adam Scott, Head of Colour at The Mill LA, enhanced the elements in post, complementing the film’s palette and reinforcing the striking contrast in beauty and destruction.

Watch The Huntsman: Winter's War Closing Titles below: