March 31st, 2016

At Game Developers Conference (GDC) earlier this month, gaming software company MaxPlay debuted their groundbreaking MaxCore technology for their cloud-based Game Development Suite. MaxCore is a scalable data parallel computing architecture and advanced rendering system built for multi-core devices. It sets a new standard for game performance and, along with MaxPlay's collaborative SaaS platform, provides a powerful solution for both gaming and virtual reality developers alike.

At GDC, MaxPlay announced MaxCore™ with a technology demo titled ‘Origami Sky’. Showcased by Intel, the demo, set in a traditional Japanese temple garden, was presented as a VR experience and was an interactive testament to MaxCore technology.

The Mill assisted in asset creation — providing a beautifully crafted environment and objects that allowed the MaxCore technology to sing. In a sky filled with hundreds of floating lanterns, audiences witnessed MaxCore’s powerful performance as an origami dragon chased thousands of paper cranes moving in complex flocking behaviors. With MaxCore 'Origami Sky', MaxPlay has proven once again that they are a strong, forward-thinking disruptor in the game development industry.

Find out more about MaxPlay's MaxCore technology at

Game Assets pre-rendered:

Maxplay Dragon

Maxplay Onigarawa