March 24th, 2016
Next week Mill Chicago is moving to a new expanded studio in the West Loop. To celebrate our new neighborhood, Mill Colourist Luke Morrison headed down there and spent the morning exploring and taking pictures. 

The West Loop holds an iconic place in Chicago's history. Starting off as the "Meatpacking District", it's still full of cobbled streets and expansive warehouses. Mixed with this, the area is now home to the Midwest's growing technology hub with innovation giants like Google moving in. 

Luke's mission was to capture the colours and shapes around our new home, and celebrate the story of this enterprising area. 

Go on a tour across the West Loop with Luke and take in the red brick, rusty trucks and beautiful blue skies. 

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West Loop 1
"I loved the light coming in across all the different materials here - the old brick, metal and glass"  (Luke)

West Loop 5
"I'm always intrigued by entrances and what's behind them."

West Loop 9
"This felt like a scene you could have seen in the area 20 or 30 years ago. The red colour palette and man in the shadows are great." 

West Loop 4
"An unmistakable classic Ford." 

West Loop 8
"A classic Fulton Market scene with a great mix of colour tones and palettes." 

West Loop 6
"I was playing with angles here, while showing off some of the area's historic meat market sites." 

West Loop 10
"A wide angle for a wide load!" 

West Loop 7
"One of the most historic buildings on Randolph Street."

West Loop 3

"Lunch Time for workers in the West Loop." 

West Loop 11