July 30th, 2015

German travel brand Rimowa, known for their iconic aluminum suitcases, recently challenged the Mill+ team in London to create a film to showcase their unveiling of the first ever passenger aircraft - the 1919 Junkers F13.

The plane, which has been reconstructed in full working condition by the Rimowa team, made its debut appearance in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, U.S.A., backed by 8K visuals created by Mill+.

The team, led by Mill+ Director Nils Kloth, used the strong graphical elements and 1920’s look and feel that they developed for the final film to create a series of in-show graphics, echoed throughout the event venue on the night of unveiling.

Nils tells us more about bringing this art deco inspired film to life:

“Our aim with this film was to showcase the pioneering spirit of early aviation and its subsequent commercial success, by tying bits of history together with the evolution of Rimowa as a brand, leading into the reveal of the plane on stage.

Our initial concept frames were focused on the perfect blend of graphic and reality. We were very lucky to find a gorgeous location to shoot in, and in the final piece we elaborated a lot more on the beauty of the live-action footage. 

Interior 01b

Early concept work & style frames

Pioneer 001
The resulting film is a beautiful homage to aviation captured through the eyes of our protagonist pioneer, supported by rich vignettes illustrating the conception of the plane as well as the era that came with it.

The project enabled us to work in a nice cinematic format. The live action and graphical content really stands out at this ratio, making the experience an even more unique journey. The graphical vignettes are tied directly into the story, opening up fluidly and purposefully.

All of the key animation was done in After Effects and prepped in Photoshop and Illustrator, before some extra detail was added in Cinema 4D, such as the plane model on the mantelpiece and inside the vignettes.” 

Read more about the re-construction of the Junkers F-13 here and find out more about Mill+'s work on the project here.

Rimowa Chapter 07 01
Type Elements

Rimowa Chapter 01 Type