June 25th, 2015

Saatchi & Saatchi’s New Directors' Showcase has become one of the highlights of the Cannes International Festival of Creativity over its 25 years of supporting emerging directors and spotlighting the top creative talent of tomorrow. 

To honour the quarter century milestone and celebrate its rich archive of today’s top directors, Saatchi & Saatchi commissioned ‘25x25: An Experiment in Film’, created in collaboration between 25 New Directors' Showcase (NDS) alumni.

Each director was given a brief: to create a 60-second film, end their film with a prop from their original showcase film, and start their film with the preceding director’s prop. The films ranged from the beautiful and abstract to the humorous, with several films taking shots at the renowned 'director's ego', which played perfectly to the filmmaker and production filled audience.

The directors participating in the film spanned the 25 years of directing talent in the NDS archive, from 1991's Daniel Kleinman to 2015's Charlie Robins. The collaboration also included directors: Dawn Shadforth (1999), Floria Sigismondi (1999), Jonathan Glazer(1994), Michel Gondry (1995), Ivan Zacharias (1996), Traktor (1996), Dante Ariola (1998), Ringan Ledwidge (1999), Antoine Bardou-Jacquet (2000), Carl Erik Rinsch (2001), Noam Murro (1998), Tim Bullock (2003), Dougal Wilson (2004), James Rouse (2004), Jamie Rafn (2006), Fredrik Bond (1999), Philippe Andre (1997), Jake Scott (1991), Ne-o (2005), David Wilson (2010), Daniel Wolfe (2011), Ilya Naishuller (2013) and Vania Heymann (2014). [See all of the directors' original films from the archive here

New Directors' Showcase 2015

Following the one-time premiere of ‘25x25’, the NDS Class of 2015 was introduced through one key film from each emerging director.

The selection of short films included a range of genres, from Elizabeth Lo’s poignant documentary ‘Hotel 22’ to Kyungmin Woo’s adorable animated ‘JohnnyExpress’. Eric Kissack’s comedic-western ‘The Gunfighter’ delivered laughs with the perfect comedic delivery of Nick Offerman as the unseen, yet all-knowing, narrator; while Ben Knight brought more than a few audience members to tears with his very personal short film about his incredible bond with his dog in ‘Denali’.

The music videos fell on a spectrum of the beautiful cinematography and narrative of Young Replicant’s 'Coronus, The Terminator' for Flying Lotus to the hypercreative, psycho-sexual horror story of DyE 'She's Bad' from director Dent de Cuir. Pup 'Guilt Trip' from directing duo Chandler Levack and Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux shows that the classic linear narrative music video can still be memorable; while Siska’s ‘Unconditional Rebel’, directed by Guillaume Panariello, elevated the concept of linear to art through a single, ultra slow-motion (1000fps) shot spanning across a series of dreamlike scenes.

The showcase also included less traditional filmmaker content like the experimental project as·phyx·i·a from Maria Takeuchi and Frederico Phillips, which used the Xbox One Kinect for motion data capture, and Yvan Fabing’s Garage Magazine fashion film merging fashion with chemistry.

Watch all 14 films from the NDS class of 2015 below and take a look at all of our 2015 Cannes Lions coverage here.

Ben Knight - ‘Denali’

Chandler Levack & Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux - Pup ‘Guilt Trip’

Charlie Robins - Klangkarussell ‘Netzwerk (Falls Like Rain)’

Dent de Cuir - DyE ‘She’s Bad’

Dexter Navy - A$AP Rocky ‘L$D’

Elizabeth Lo - Hotel 22

Eric Kissack - The Gunfighter

Factory Fifteen - The Bug ‘Function / Void’

Guillaume Panariello - Siska ‘Unconditional Rebel’

Helmi - Tiga ‘Bugatti’

Kyungmin Woo - JohnnyExpress

Maria Takeuchi & Frederico Phillips - as·phyx·i·a

Young Replicant - Flying Lotus ‘Coronus, The Terminator’

Yvan Fabing - Garage