May 19th, 2015
Guts Magazine Dublin is a new bi-monthly collection of confessional stories and original illustrations, edited and published by Roisin Agnew. Borrowing from the tell-all aspect of blogging culture, each issue contains revealing and personal stories for your inner voyeur, while also connecting the true tales through a new theme and illustrator.

09 In Bookshops

Aran Quinn, designer at The Mill in NY, was asked to bring his signature illustration style to Guts Issue 2: I Know You Are, But What Am I? You may recognize the title as your favorite childhood comeback line via Pee-wee's Playhouse, but when taken out of the schoolyard, the line turns into a question of self-reflection and the lens through which Guts Issue 2 explores feelings of alienation, identity and (not) belonging.

Using only Photoshop, Aran illustrated the issue's cover and accompanying story imagery based off a brief synopsis of each of the nine stories. His usual playful illustration style takes on a naughty tone, complementing the raw and revealing confessions with visuals that let it all hang out.

Take a look at the illustrations below and visit to get the full issue.

01 I Know You Are But What Am Cover Copy

03 Rob Doyle Goddess Of Destruction

05 Megan Nolan Trinity Droppin Out

09 Roisin Vertigo V3
08 Patrick Army Sheep V3

07 Maggie Armstrong Theater V3

06 Donal Flynn Twin Peak Beards V3

10 Simon Semi Confessional

04 Brian Herron Sitting Down To Bleed V3

02 C~x6h