April 27th, 2015

Mill artists across studios have the opportunity to hone their creative skills in the weekly Mill Art & Sculpting Lunch Crunch led by creature modeller Adam Dewhirst. We’ve put together a second roundup of some of the recent top submissions with themes ranging from The Living Dead to Two Headed.

Every week, artists have one hour to respond to a new weekly theme by creating a submission in their preferred discipline. Adam Dewhirst, creature modeller at The Mill in London, shares his picks for top submissions from recent lunch crunch challenges and why each piece stands out.

Theme: The Joker

Artist: Luke Tickner, 3D Artist

It was the colours that grabbed me the most from Luke's illustration, classic joker colours of purple and green, and very important for any image of the joker - lots of teeth! Bang on!

Joker Luke Tickner 1

Theme: Two Headed

Artist: Philippe Moine, 3D Animator

This image belongs on the cover of an 80's rock album. It's awesome, plain and simple! Now we just need to form a Mill rock band based around this image.

Twoheaded Phillippe 2

Theme: Superhero

Artist: Giacomo Cavalletti, 3D Artist

I love this image! It's a triple homage to three incredible things: superheroes, Pixar and of course our amazing producer, Reece [Ewing]! And it's about time Giacomo got a mention on our blog! Well done, Giacomo.

Superhero Giacomo Cavalletti 3

Theme: Fairytale Reimagined

Artist: Adam Dewhirst, Creature Modeller

I’ve added this illustration more to showcase some of ZBrush's capabilities with fur and rendering, as well as a sculpting tool. You can easily complete quite fully textured, groomed, lit and rendered designs and stay in the one package in a very short amount of time. Well done, ZBrush!

Fairytale Reimagined Adam Dewhirst 4

Theme: Chocolate

Artist: Finlay Crowther, Runner

This is a great little illustration from one of our runners here in London and it looks yummy! Fin has really captured those chocolate tones well, and for a half hour sculpt, I'd say he did really well to pull this off in the short amount of time!

Chocolate Finlay Crowther 5

Theme: The Living Dead

Artist: Arthur Larsen, 3D Artist

I just love this design. It's horrific and messy but also funny and has a great composition. I'm also loving Arthur's use of orange pencil and black brush pen. He has a very distinct style and it's perfect for something like this!

Thelivingdead Arthurlarson 6

Theme: Texas

Artist: Eric Lane, Visual Artist/Designer

This guy is oozing character with great design and nice simple renders that really capture a sense of personality. I would love to see this guy as an entire build!

Texas Ericlane 7