March 11th, 2015

Every week, Mill artists across studios have the opportunity to hone their creative skills in the Mill Art & Sculpting Lunch Crunch led by creature modeller Adam Dewhirst. We’ve put together a collection of some of the top submissions to date for the inaugural post of this new monthly blog series.

Every week, artists have one hour to respond to a new weekly theme by creating a submission in their preferred discipline: sculpting, sketching, illustration, animation, etc. With topics ranging from pop culture icons like everyone’s favourite Vulcan to open, imaginative themes like ‘food monsters’ or ‘animal fusion’, artists have a chance to push themselves creatively while also sharpening technical skills.

Adam Dewhirst, creature modeller at The Mill in London, shares the top submissions and why each piece stands out:

Theme: Hellbeast 

Artist: Adam Dewhirst, Creature Modeller
Tools: Sculpted in Zbrush

It's a bit rich for me to include my own work here but this was our opening submission on week 1, so I thought it was a good example of what you can achieve in an hour. Most sculpting forums and blogs feature examples of several kinds of beasties throughout their pages. I think it's something that every Zbrush artist does once in a while, and although not highly original, it's fun and quite satisfying to just let go and create something mean with lots of teeth! So here is my hellbeast to kick start our weekly hour of creativity! RRRRAAAAAARGH!

Hellbeast 1

Theme: Mario World

Artist: Philippe Moine, 3D Animator
Tools: Photoshop

I love this illustration. It's so crisp and clean and the format of the image is very unusual being so vertical, it really draws you to look up. It looks like she is exploding with energy somehow, which considering the game is filled with power ups and magic mushrooms, is rather apt! I thought it perfectly captured the theme of Mario World. Great work Philippe!

Marioworld 2

Theme: Animal Fusion

Artist: Matthew Darnall, Designer/Animator
Tools: Sketch

The majestic Flarhinoceros!

This was is so much fun. The sheer ridiculousness of it is brilliant. When people hear the term “animal fusion”, they tend to think, "What two animals could I pair on a logical level?", and take into account the animals' actual sizes to try and work out how they fit together. There is nothing logical about this image at all, it makes no sense, and that's why it's brilliant! I also love the title!

Animalfusion2 3

Theme: Food Monster

Artist: Arthur Gil Larsen, 3D Artist
Tools: Pencil sketch and Photoshop

So tiny, yet they seem like they could be massive! A mix of the sandworms from Dune and the chestburster from Alien. What could be more terrifying than... THE HOT DOG MONSTER!

Foodmonster2 4

Theme: Spock

Artist: Adam Dewhirst, Creature Modeller
Tools: Zbrush and Photoshop

We made a last minute theme change in tribute to Leonard Nimoy's passing – generally it's harder to get a likeness for a real person than inventing a creature, but this was kind of fun as his face has so much character. I went for an older version of Spock and tried to use Photoshop to create a fading hologram/transporter feel to it, as if his ghostly presence is still watching us. RIP Leonard Nimoy.

Spock Final 5

Theme: M.O.M BOT

Artist: Luke Tickner, 3D Artist
Tools: Maya

This is a classic choice of mother figure and iconic robot figure merged into one! It totally nails the theme 'M.O.M BOT' great choice Luke - and well executed in under an hour!

Tumblr Nl3sqysntc1u8jq5ho1 1280 6

Watch out for the next edition of this new monthly blog series, featuring the top submissions from the Mill Art & Sculpting Lunch Crunch!