April 16th, 2015
Director Luke Carlisle’s latest creation takes an alternative look at the life of a London drug dealer.

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By following his day to day activities and meeting his regular customers we’re presented with the stark and lonely reality of his life. Luke comments, “I wanted to take a different look at how drug dealers are presented in films/TV, stripping out the glamourised elements of it and seeing what else was in there. This morphed into a script about boredom and repetition, and how it affects the main character, who works in what is essentially the service industry.

Stillness is the dominant theme visually in the film, mapping to the inertia of the protagonist. There’s two bits of movement and those are the tracking shots that bookend the story, entering and exiting the world of our hero.”

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The Mill’s Carl Norton (2D Artist) and Tim Smith (Data Lab) aided in bringing the crisp simplicity of the film to life, adding a naturalistic grade to compliment the still, serene shots captured by Alex Reid. Tim comments on the grade, “We tried to keep it as naturalistic as possible for the main part and slightly ethereal for the different character shots. The natural tones work really well and keep you within the understanding that this is someone’s real story and a real part of day-to-day life. The more ethereal shots then take you to the world of escapism which comes hand in hand with the film’s subject matter."

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Watch the full film here: