April 9th, 2015
Before starting as a runner at The Mill in Los Angeles, Laurence Konishi spent five and a half years exploring Japan. Now a member of art support in the 2D department, he’s published his first book, LOS:T, a photographic depiction of the beautifully vibrant, foreign and self-described isolated first days in Tokyo.

Lostdigitalbookimagegallery 1

“All the photos were taken within the first couple months of my stay there,” Konishi explains. “It’s about being in a completely different world. I do have family in northern Japan, but I was essentially by myself. It was kind of a lonely time for me. I think the photos portray that.”

Lostdigitalbookimagegallery 2

As he adjusted to life in a new country, Konishi observed a unique beauty about the liveliness of the city. “One of the things I noticed in Tokyo was all the depth, color and contrast. In America everything tends to be bold and in-your-face, whereas in Japan, there’s a beauty about the solitude one can feel despite the 13 million people living around you. I discovered quiet, little moments and captured them as best I could.”

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Learn more about Konishi’s background in photography, visual effects and film on his website. LOS:T is available for purchase on Amazon.