February 6th, 2015

Director Peter Livolsi’s short film 'Leonard in Slow Motion' recently premiered on Vice’s Youtube Channel, starring Martin Starr (famed for roles in Silicon Valley, Freaks and Geeks and Party Down.)

Starr stars as Leonard, a man who exists entirely in slow motion, struggling through life in the regular speed world. When he discovers his office crush is getting transferred out of state, he decides he must somehow become regular speed to win her he art before she leaves town for good. The only question is – can Leonard reach his crush in time?

Viceshortfilmslowmotion 1

The quirky, comedic short, brought to life by the Nuke skills of the Mill’s London studio and students from Escape Studios and The National Film and Television School, overseen by VFX supervisor Hugo Guerra, has been making its way around the festival circuit, including BFI London Film Festival, Hamptons International Film Festival, and LA Shorts Fest, and has received a series of rave reviews.

The shoot, held in LA, was complex, as each shot had to have three plates; a slow motion plate, a regular speed plate and a clean plate. All in all, the team worked in 55 shots, ranging from set extensions and CG backgrounds to stitching all of the alternative frame rate plates together.

All of the the VFX in the film were achieved with Nuke, using 3D Tracking and projection techniques to blend the different plates together.

Watch the short film below: