February 4th, 2015

While millions of fans tuned in to watch the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks go head to head in Super Bowl XLIX, brands took the battle off the field in a competition featuring some of the year's top creative ideas, celebrity cameos, clever copy and of course, spectacular effects. We're taking you beyond the concepts in our Super Bowl blog series featuring interviews and behind the scenes content on several of the night's big spots.

BBDO New York, O-Positive director Jim Jenkins and The Mill created a very special episode of The Brady Bunch for Super Bowl XLIX, continuing the brand's "You're not you when you're hungry" campaign. The spot has already received over 10 million views on YouTube and won the inaugural Super Clio for the best commercial in Sunday's Big Game.

Snickersbtsimage7 1

Snickers released a :20 teaser on January 21st, announcing that fans could get the spot released early by sharing the video on social channels. Once the teaser generated 2.5 million social media engagements, the full :30 commercial was released on January 29th, the week before kick-off.

The ad is a play off the famous Brady Bunch scene where Peter hits Marcia's nose with a football, with Danny Trejo taking on the role of a hungry and therefore a grumpy, axe-wielding Marcia Brady. The original Carol and Mike Brady were brought back to life with a bit of VFX magic, along with a very special cameo by Steve Buscemi in the role of a pouty Jan Brady.

After combing through old Brady Bunch footage, the scene was found to match the Snickers' script. Mill creative director Ben Smith and 2D lead artist Nathan Kane developed the technique of using four carefully placed cameras to film the body and mouth doubles for the Brady family.

Snickersbtsimage5 2

Every movement was captured and then tracked onto the original actors' faces. The 2D and CG teams keyed into the exact lenses, lights and furniture setups that were used when the TV show was filmed. This was recreated on set while filming Danny and Steve, giving them the flexibility to interact with their environment from the throw of the axe to Steve's bolting atop the steps.

Watch Snickers' "The Making of The Brady Bunch" video below. Then take a look at a break down of the spot's VFX on FX Guide: How They Did It and find out more on how the spot was created in Little Black Book's interview with BBDO New York ECDs Peter Kain and Gianfranco Arena, O Positive director Jim Jenkins and The Mill senior compositor Nathan Kane.