January 5th, 2015

S35 is a monthly photography series celebrating the art of 35mm by Mill artists and friends based out of our Chicago studio. The monthly series asks #S35 photographers to put down their iPhones, bring out their “old” film cameras and explore their passion for analog photography.

S35 photographers receive a new, randomly selected two-word brief every month. For the 11th project in the series, the brief asked photographers to respond to: "moment" and "distant". This month's photographers include: Mill colourist – and #S35 founder - Luke Morrison, colour assist Mikey Pehanich, designer Adrian Navarro, senior producer Tracey Khan, and 3D artist Jessica Soderstrom.

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Project 11: Moment & Distant

S35p11 Luke Morrison2 1

S35p11 Mikey Pehanich2 2

S35p11 Adrian Navarro2 3

S35p11 Jessica Soderstrom1 4

S35p11 Luke Morrison3 5

S35p11 Mikey Pehanich1 6

S35p11 Adrian Navarro1 7

S35p11 Jessica Soderstrom2 8

S35p11 Luke Morrison1 9

S35p11 Mikey Pehanich3 10

S35p11 Luke Morrison4 11

S35p11 Luke Morrison5 12

S35p11 Tracey Khan1 3 13

S35p11 Tracey Khan2 14