December 10th, 2014

Mill+ director Nils Kloth was tasked with creating a fully animated film to promote Eviivo, the highly regarded online booking authority for the bed and breakfast industry. From character design and animation to script and music, the Mill+ team was involved at every stage of this project, delivering a charming and wonderfully humorous film.

The Eviivo start buttons become the protagonists in this colourful film, which demonstrates how a city worker escapee turned B&B owner uses Eviivo to simplify his day-to-day business admin, enabling him to 'do it his way'.

Nils tells us more about the creative challenges behind the colourful animated piece.

Eviivo My Way Video 1

The Brief

Create a 1-2 minute film that showcases our company and the software we produce.

What started out as a quite standardized animated brand film, developed into a full blown three minute music-promo with singing and dancing sheep!

We worked with the clients at Eviivo on writing lyrics and music to tell the story of a city worker escapee turned B&B-owner. The entire process was in flux from the start and ever evolving. It took us about six weeks to get the lyrics and music approved and to start tailoring the visual story around it.

Eviivo Verse 1 P1 2

It was clear from the start that buttons (derived from their logo) would be the main protagonists of the story and weirdly enough, the sheep took over the role of the sidekicks. We then spent six weeks animating the hero intro film.

Eviivo Image1 3

Eviivo Image10 4

The Creative Challenges

The song, the lyrics, the length, rendering huge files with vRay and trying to get everything we needed to say into 3 minutes were all creative challenges on this project.

Eviivo Image2 5

We first composed the song, trying to include as much core detail as possible whilst condensing the story in as few verses as possible. Once we had the lyrics and chorus set, we set out to visually tell the story in all its detail. What was initially thought to be a 2D animated film then turned fully 3D, which brought a lot of technical challenges in its own right, especially considering the short amount of time we had.

We are very accustomed to cell animation and a fair amount of 3D as well, however a project of this scale was unprecedented for our team before this…. especially with the level of character animation.

Eviivo Image18 6

Apart from the initial design and concept work, we had just three people effectively animating, lighting and rendering the entire film in Cinema4D, using vRay as a render engine.

We had to overcome technical challenges linked to dynamics, rigging and GI; but mainly the sheer amount of shots in the timeframe we had was the inevitable challenge.

It was the most outrageous yet enjoyable project I’ve directed thus far!

Eviivo Image14 7

The Music

The Mill+ team’s foray into music writing was one we may not attempt again! This project was really unconventional as we had no script to work from, and quickly realized that the song itself had to be a script, so we quickly went about writing some lyrics.

Eviivo Image23 8

The initial jingle was created by our very own Mill+ director Carl Addy, who mixed some acoustic recordings created at The Mill, with his own recordings from home. This then became a basis for the animatics and we all took it from there.

It was a really collaborative process and un-ventured territory for most of us, so we had a go at chipping in with lyrics before getting into a sound studio and creating a final mix!

Watch the film below and find out more about the film here.