December 10th, 2014

It’s not the size of the street art, but the story packed into every tiny, detailed piece. The miniature works of Pablo Delgado, a Mexico-born and London-based street artist, were spotted around The Mill’s studio in LA this week, adding his mini masterpieces to the walls and sidewalks of the Culver City neighborhood, in addition to pieces spotted around the city.

While Delgado’s work may be hard to spot due to their size, closer inspection of the miniature scenes reveals a larger narrative carefully crafted by the artist. The surreal scenes are created from images in mass media and pop culture, stripped of their colour and transformed through pops of colour and shading, including realistic black shadows for a life-like quality.

Pablodelgado Image3 1

The tiny figures often incorporate actual objects and utilize surrounding architecture, creating absurd - and often humorous – works of art. Each pasteup is created specifically for the location, often offering social commentary with different layers of meaning.

Pablodelgado Image5 2

Pablodelgado Image4 3

Additional #PabloDelgado sightings are cropping up on social media, revealing that the artist has expanded from Culver City to Venice Beach. If you're in the area, keep an eye to the ground for more from the artist's LA visit.

And another piece by #pablodelgado

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