November 19th, 2014

If you’re a fan of gyoza, house music and cosying up to watch Japanese films, then Mill 2D artist Greg Spencer’s latest extra curricular initiative Gyoza House is just the thing for you. Gyoza House has partnered with Pillow Cinema to take a trip to NeoTokyo circa 2019 with a special screening of manga classic Akira.

Gyoza House is a pop-up food concept created by Greg and his housemate Mel, born of Mel’s ability to make killer gyoza and Greg’s passion for house music and DJing. Greg says, “We want the place to be like a mini bar, where you can listen to music, have a dance and not get too smashed because you have tasty gyozas lining your stomach. When I put it in writing, it sounds like an early dance party for aging hipsters... I guess that’s what it is!”

The pair have teamed up with Pillow Cinema (founded by the creators of one of London’s favourite interactive cinema experiences, Hot Tub Cinema) to create an experience that enables you to relax, eat, drink dance and even take in a quirky Japanese classic (the perfect accompaniment to Mel’s hand made tasty gyoza treats).

Akiragyozaposter 1

Greg adds, “I’ve been a fan of Japanese cinema ever since I was a teenager. I love Beat Takeshi films, in particular Hana-Bi and Violent Cop, although I do have a special spot in my heart for Kikujiro, which I guess makes me a bit of a softy.

I’m also a big fan of Miyazaki films, in particular My Neighbour Totoro, Takashi Miike movies and Kurosawa - not forgetting the early Godzilla classics!”

Gyoza house will be screening the manga classic Akira at their inaugural event and will be looking to screen a range of Japanese classics moving forward.

Akiraimage1 2

If you can’t decide between facing the wet and windy weather on a night out with your mates, or cuddling up to a good film, then Gyoza House’s collab with Pillow Cinema is perfect for you!

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