October 9th, 2014

Senior Modeller Adam Dewhirst and a group of expert modellers pushed the HP Workstations to the limit last week for the Lunch Crunch Speed Sculpting Session at ZED – a pop up studio for creatives in London's Soho.

Participants were given a character theme with the same mesh and 45 minutes to quickly create models during the session. We asked Adam to share the results of the session and more about the experience below.

What was the experience like for you?

It was great, we had a much bigger turn out than 2013 and the event was a lot more interactive with people moving around the artists and asking them questions as they went along. I think it was a great insight for people new to sculpting as to how versatile and useful a skill it is.

Hpzedphoto 2 1

What did you create during the session?

I created a giant lava golem. I wanted to show off a bit of zbrush's rendering capability and the tools it has outside of sculpting, so I experimented with creating a creature that was molten rock on top and red hot lava underneath.

Lavagolom 2 1

I'm pleased with the result, he has a real sense of life about him. I think it's important to showcase how almost all these sculpting programs now go beyond their remit and can really showcase your concepts well, producing shaded, lit, well rendered work for the concept stage. What I produced was a basic but full concept, so I'm happy I managed to pull it off in 45 minutes.


What's it like working under the time restriction?

The time restriction was tough this year. I had a bit of a technical fault to start with as we couldn't find the right cable for my wacom tablet, so I just had to jump in with the mouse and start sculpting that way. (Let me tell you, this is not easy!) Thankfully after about 20 minutes in, the wacom cable turned up and I really got stuck in. I think it's a useful skill to be able to know what you can produce in a certain amount of time, so it's really helpful to repeatedly try these one hour sculpts as it helps you know your own limits

Given more time, I would have liked to have refined the head a bit more as it's very basic. I like the overall shape and silhouette, but he is lacking in expression. A slightly heavier pose and more expressive face might have conveyed more character.

Hpzedphoto 1 3

What do you hope attendees got from the event?

I hope they will see it's possible to produce a concept within an hour. I also think it's interesting to see what eight different people produce given the same starting point. It's important to see how different people's styles and methods of working are - it's actually quite fascinating I think.

Hpzedphoto 5 4

Register to catch Adam at the next HP ZED event Friday, October 10th here and follow him on Twitter @intelligentape